Pamela Brabants

'Her life is like a B-grade movie'

'Pam Brabants, an Australian artist living in London, mixes autobiography and fiction that is hard-boiled and heart-rending.'   

Floating IP Gallery, Manchester

Pam is now based in Wellington New Zealand

About the work

After moving from the confines of high density London, I returned to Wellington where my drawings, almost in relation to the space around me, expanded in scale.

The large works are highly detailed and labour intensive. I want them to stimulate a kind of curiosity in the viewer so that on closer inspection the level of detail in the drawing becomes apparent and when this detail is recognized the work as a whole is then re-evaluated. My hope is that this engagement may slow the viewer down, so that they can experience the intensity of my labour through the detail in the drawing. I often use words as building blocks, or intricate patterns that can produce visual tricks for the viewer.

The language within my drawing continues to come from comics, pop and music culture, as well as art history. This approach enables me to talk about difficult subjects and play with social taboos. 

My practice includes a mixture of large scale pencil drawings which can take several months to complete, small narrative works in graphite, hand-stitched pieces, self-published comic/picture books, and more recently collage using found record covers.

I use Fabriano paper, masses of 3B, 6B and 8B pencils, rubbers of all shapes and sizes and a beautiful hand turning sharpener.

Wellington, 2018